About Gail Okerman Five Points Counseling and Consultation

Ms. Okerman is the owner of Gail Okerman Five Points Counseling and Consultation in Lunenburg, MA. She has been counseling and educating children, teenagers, and adults in public and private institutions/agencies for over 30 years. She is an educational consultant working with numerous districts in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Ms. Okerman is an Assistant Professor at Fitchburg State University and has offered numerous courses through the Center for Professional Studies, as well as in collaboration with Worcester State University. Ms. Okerman works with children, teenagers, and adults by utilizing a strength-based collaborative problem-solving approach that supports resilience. She has co-authored a book entitled Developing Minds: Essential Brain-Based Strategies to Support Success. Ms. Okerman has also co-authored Project EXSEL- An Integrated Executive Functioning and Social-Emotional Model (2019).