Engaging Minds: Essential Interventions to Reach Every Learner

The intention of this course is to explore and integrate the basic premise that each child and adolescent will achieve if provided with multiple points of access to learning, with a mastery level of methodology delivered by innovative educators. This course is based on the work of key learning experts focusing on achievement and brain-based differences. The primary focus of this exploration is the work of Kaufman, P. Dawson, and G. McClosky whose research is about brain-based realities that can be systematically utilized to create effective ways to reach all students. We will explore where the brain's attention is processed and which skills we can enhance to increase achievement.

The course will also explore the development of discrete skill sets supporting executive functioning and positive brain-based changes that are essential to integrating deeper levels of focus and critical thinking. The observable and teachable characteristics that will be explored and cultivated throughout the course are; persistence, decreasing impulsivity, empathy, flexibility in thinking, meta-cognition, striving for accuracy and precision, questioning and problem posing, drawing on past knowledge, ingenuity & creativity, the precision of language and thought, gathering data through all senses, humor, curiosity, and cooperative thinking/social intelligence. This course enables educators to facilitate the learning of students by acquiring and applying knowledge, skills, and abilities that address the student's needs and improvement goals of the district, school, and individual. The course conforms to best practices in research and relates to educators’ assignments and professional responsibilities. The course content is differentiated to meet the diverse needs of all participants.